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Educational Advocacy

Advocacy Is the Heart of Change

We provide educational advocacy services for those families that are struggling to get much needed school-based services. This service is not covered by insurance and is a private pay only service. Below are the areas where advocacy is available:

IEP Goal Development

Helping families develop SMART goals for an IEP

IEP Representation

Attending IEP meetings with the family 

Records Review

Reviewing the IEP or 504 while providing feedback on the goals, accommodations, and modifications

Advocacy Skill Building

Working with the family to develop effective advocacy skills to get the school to listen/making the family a stronger part of the IEP or 504 team

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Attending parent/teacher conferences with the family

Case by Case Services

We can tailor advocacy services for any family if our current suite of services doesn't meet the family's needs

Educational Advocacy: Services
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