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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Service provided for ages 12 months-22 years old

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Intensive Treatment Hours (25+ hours per week)

A Comprehensive Approach

This ABA approach is designed for children within the early intervention years (normally under age 5) but can be used with any age that needs intensive services. With intensive treatment, we focus on all of the areas (ex. communication, social skills, adaptive/self-help skills, play skills, reduction of challenging behaviors, etc.) that the client may need. These services can be provided in the home, community, office/clinic setting or any combination of the above settings. Contact us for more information on this service. **Not all clients will qualify for this service as this service must meet the medically necessary criteria.**

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Focused Treatment Hours (5-20 hours per week)

A Focused Approach

Focused treatment is for those clients that are not in need of intensive ABA services but still in work in areas such as communication, social skills, play skills, adaptive/self-help skills, and/or reduction of challenging behaviors. This service can be provided within the home, community, office/clinic setting or any combination of the above mentioned settings. This service can also be offered on 1:1 basis or within a group; this will depend on the client's needs.

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 Telehealth Services (5-10 hours per week)

A Lower Level of Care Approach

Telehealth services are available to those clients that are able to attend to tasks presented via live audio and video. The client must have access to consistent internet and must be able to stay engaged for at least one hour at a time. This approach is good for those that just need work on attending to tasks, social skills, or communication skills. This service is designed to be a much lower intensity than comprehensive and focused approaches.

Applied Behavior Analysis: Services
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